Ace Villain Profile

REAL NAME: "Ace" Spencer

APPEARANCE: Ace is the personification of cool. He has a white streak of hair on his right side, and dresses like Michael Jackson in the eighties. He wears purple and white leather jackets. Also has sunglasses on 24 hours a day.

POWERS: Although Ace doesn't have super strength, he is incredibly fast and agile, almost equal to Spider-Man in that capacity. He is an expert with a knife and uses brass knuckles. He is very intelligent and can anticipate his enemy's next move, dodge before a punch is thrown, etc. Spider-Man's spider sense shorts out when is is close to Ace.

HISTORY: Ace founded the street gang The Reapers. He also raised his brother and sister after his Mother got sick. Ace retired from the Reapers for an unknown reason, and now refuses to involve himself in gang business. Someone could rob Ace's best friend in front of him and he would refuse to get involved. In his first appearance, Ace witnessed Al Webber and Lorenzo Spencer (his brother) shoot several rival gang members and shop-owner Vincent DiFeo. After DiFeo died, Ace was the only one that can link his brother to the crime. It took several battles/discussions with Spidey before Ace realized that the best thing that he can do for his brother was to testify against him.

SpecSM Annual #5
SpecSM Annual #6

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