Seperation Anxiety

Hype: Venom has been violently split from his living costume, spawning five deadly alien Symbiotes. In fierce two player action, Venom joins forces with arch-enemy, Spider-Man, to face the new strain of evil brought to life by chilling computer-rendered graphics. Between the merciless Jury and awesome allies like Ghostrider and Daredevil, Venom's out to part his Symbiote offspring from their newfound life!

Description: Made by Acclaim Entertainment, Inc. in 1995 this popular game is available for Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo and PC-DOS. It is rated K-A by the ESRB and is suitable for all players.

This game takes you through 18 levels divided into five stages. There 12 levels with at least one major villain at the end, 5 trap rooms that you have to fight your way out of, and the final challenge where you face all 10 boss villains back to back and finish up with a one on one battle with Carnage. Overall gameplay is very similar to Double Dragon type games.

Stage Codes:
Stage Two: DCCPMH
Stage Three: MDRKJP
Stage Four: STSPPC
Final Stage: QPMJCV

Level Selection Code: SCBCRS
This code lets you select from eighteen levels in the game, but cannot be used to complete the game. If you defeat the chosen level you will be returned to the selection menu.

Advanced Challenge Code: MRRYPN

Game Genie Invincibility Code for Sega Genesis: R5CT-DBXL

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