Doctor Octopus Profile

NAME: Dr. Otto Octavius

APPEARANCE: Otto is a short, square man with thick glasses and a bad bowl-cut hairdo. He usually dresses in green clothing. His most striking feature is four metal arms that are attached to a cuff around his chest.

POWERS: Doctor Octopus has no super-powers or endurance. His sole source of power is his robotic arms which he controls telepathically. Using these arms, he can climb almost any surface, move with amazing speed, and lift objects weighing many tons. He is very intelligent and an excellent schemer.

LIMITATIONS: Otto has often exhibited signs of insanity. For are while, he was so traumatized by his numerous defeats at the hands of Spider-Man that he became catatonic at the mere sight of him. He conquered this illness, only to develop a extreme dependency on Spider-Man, even fighting to save his life. Since Ock's return from the dead, however, he has not exhibited either of these behaviors.

HISTORY: Otto Octavius had a keen scientific mind and was a world renowned Nuclear Physicist. He developed his famous robotic arms in order to handle radioactive material from a safe distance. As a result of a lab accident, his arms became fused to his body and he gained telepathic control over them. Unforntunately, his mind became unhinged and he chose to embark upon a life of crime.


Amazing Spider-Man #3 (First Appearance)

Amazing Spider-Man #11-12 (Doc Ock Unmasks Peter, but Refuses to Believe He Is Spider-Man)

Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1 (First Sinister Six)

Amazing Spider-Man #88-#90 (Death of Captain Stacy)

Amazing #397-#398 and Spectacular #220-#221 (Peter saved by
Ock, Ock killed by Kaine)

Amazing Spider-Man #427 (Doctor Octopus Returns)

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