Green Goblin Profile

NAME: Norman Osborn

APPEARANCE: Norman Osborn is wealthy businessman with close cropped red-brown hair. He is always well dressed and manicured as per the latest trends for a man of his importance.

COTUME AND WEAPONS: As the Green Goblin, Norman wears a flexible green mask, that is a goblin like recreation on a human face, with long ears and sometimes pointed teeth. He also wears a matching body suit with purple or crimson gloves, bodice and boots. His suit has internal weapons including finger blasters in his gloves capable of delivering massive amounts of electricity . His main defense is the bag of tricks that he always keeps at his side. It is full of pumpkin shaped firebombs, smoke bombs, incendiaries and gas grenades, as well as razor bats made of sharp alloy. He also employs a powered glider, which allows a rider to achieve high speeds while still maintaining agility.

POWERS: Both in and out of costume Norman is a strong adversary. He was imbued with super strength and reflexes in the accident which gave him his power. He is considered only slightly weaker than Spider-Man. He has also demonstrated a mad genius for planning and scheming that is hard to rival. These physical attributes combined with his advanved ability to make and use weapons make him a very serious threat to anyone opposing him.

LIMITATIONS: Norman is insane, but takes medication to keep his madness at bay.

HISTORY: Norman was a business man who stole a chemical formula from his partner Dr. Mendell Strom, after have Strom arrested. While experimenting with the formula in an attempt to gain superhuman intelligence, the untested formula exploded in his face. While recovoring from the blast Norman discovered that his strength and intelligence had been increased, though he was left unhinged and insane. In a attempt to gain importance and wealth in the underworld, Norman became the Green Goblin and attempted to kill Spider-Man. He created a gas to numb Spider-Man's spider sense and was able to see him change into Peter Parker. Later after kidnapping Parker, he was injured in the resulting battled and shocked into temporary amnesia. His memory of Spider-Man's secret and his own alter-ego returned several times over the years, but the most important battle took place on the Brooklyn Bridge. Norman had kidnapped Peter's girlfriend Gwen Stacy and taken her to the bridge to lure Spider-Man. Gwen was thrown off of the bridge and killed when Spider-Man tried to catch her. As the two enraged fighters battled, Norman was accidentally impaled on the spiked tip of his glider and killed.

...Or so it seemed. Norman actually returned and revealed himself to have been healed and hiding while plotting his ultimate revenge. He is still Spider-Man greatest threat and always will be.


Amazing Spider-Man #14 (First Appearance)

Amazing Spider-Man #17-18 (Return of the Green Goblin)

Amazing Spider-Man #37 (First Norman Osborn)

Amazing Spider-Man #39-40 (Identity Revealed - Origin)

Amazing Spider-Man #96-98(Drug Issues - Regains Lost Memories)

Amazing Spider-Man #121 (Kills Gwen Stacy)

Amazing Spider-Man #122 (Impaled on his Glider and Dies)

Amazing Spider-Man #418 (Revealed to be Alive)

Sensational Spider-Man #33 (Goes Completly Mad)

Spider-Man: Revenge of the Green Goblin #1-3 (Recovers from Madness)

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