Kingpin Profile

NAME: Wilson Fisk

APPEARANCE: Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin of Crime, is very tall and seemingly obese. His head is shaved. Usually, he wears a white suit and carries a diamond topped cane.

POWERS: The Kingpin is not what he appears to be. His cane often conceals weaponry such as gas or lasers. He is not actually fat, but is solid muscle. He is a power lifter and is skilled in martial arts. His strength is not superhuman, but approaches peak human performance. Likewise, in his everyday life, he is not the business man he pretends to be, but a criminal mastermind who once headed all of New York's organized crime. It is this connection which is his greatest asset.

VULNERABILITIES: He often depends on fellow criminals to carry out his plans.

HISTORY: As a young man, Wilson Fisk gained control of a street gang in Hell's Kitchen, New York. He used these connections to topple the top mob families and move into organized crime. He would eventually become the head of all criminal activity in New York City. His fixations on Spider-Man, and later Daredevil, caused him to lose sight of daily business and eventually cost him his empire. He has recently returned from the orient, reorganized and is attempting to unite the underworld once again.

Amazing Spider-Man #50 (First Appearance)

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