There are quite a few Spider-Man sites on the web, but frankly many of them are not up to par. Stolen material, same pictures, etc. Below are the best Spider-Man sites available. Stick with these and you can't go wrong!

Spider-Man Links

Jonathan Couper's Spider-Man Page A very good Spider-man page with lots of information

The Official Spider-Man Movie Page Tons of behind the scenes info, videos, and downloads direct from Sony

The Spider-Man Message Board A great place to discuss current comic book happenings.

The Spider-Man Listserver Another good source for Spidey information.

Other Marvel Links

The Official Marvel Website Information and Entertainment spanning the entire Marvel Universe.

The Villians of Marvel Comics Information about various Marvel heroes.

The Women on Marvel Comics Information on various Marvel heroines and villians.

Amazon Wood Works A Great Woodwroking Site

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