Maximum Carnage

Hype: This game closely follows the 14 part comic book cross-over of the same name. It is a Double Dragon style fighting game that will keep you battling multitudes of bad guys for a long time.

Description: Made by Acclaim Entertainment, Inc. in 1994 this very hard game is available for Sega Genesis, and Super Nintendo. It is rated MA-13 by Sega and is recommended for more teen players.

This game takes you through up to 23 levels with three character selection points. At these points you must choose either Spider-Man or Venom and your choice decides which levels you will play. This game is very hard and will probably take a while to finish. There are tons of secret rooms and items throughout this game so I recommend that you check out this faq.

There are no built in codes for this game, so you will have to rely on Game Genie for any invincibility or level selecting, etc.

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