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Spider-Man Favorites Survey A multiple question write in survey.

How do you feel about the Spider-Man comic book relaunch? A multiple choice poll.

Is Mary Jane Really Dead? A multiple choice poll.

What makes Spider-Man the greatest hero ever? A multiple choice poll.

How do you feel about the creative team of Paul Jenkins and Mark Buckingham? A multiple choice poll.

Do you think Toby Maguire will make a good Peter Parker in the upcoming movie? A multiple choice poll.

In the Spider-Man movie, should Spider-Man have organic webshooters? A multiple choice poll.

John Malkovich may play The Green Goblin in the Spider-Man movie. Is he a good choice? A multiple choice poll.

Willem Defoe WILL play The Green Goblin in the 2Spider-Man movie. Is he a good choice? A multiple choice poll.

How Do You Feel About the Return of Mary Jane? A multiple choice poll.

What Is The Best Job for Peter Parker? A multiple choice poll.

How Much of a Spidey Fan Are You? A 10 Question Survey.

Should Aunt May Know Peter is Spider-Man? A multiple choice poll.

Rate The Spider-Man Movie Trailers A 12 Question Survey.

- Spider Space Poll -
John Malkovich is out.

It has been announced that the role of the Green Goblin will go to Willem Defoe instead.

Do you think he is right for the part?
Yes, he is just the right guy. (13)


No, he is totally wrong for the part. (1)


It could work if done correctly. (20)


John Malkovich would be better. (6)


Total Votes: 40


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- Spider Space Poll -
Mary Jane is alive!

How does that make you feel?
Great, I'm Ecstatic She's Coming Back. (54)


Good, I Was Kinda Hoping She Would Be Back. (25)


Bad, I Was Happy To See Her Go. (3)


I Don't Care If She Is Back or Not. (8)


I Will Have To See How It's Handled Before I Say One Way or the Other. (10)


Total Votes: 100


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- Spider Space Poll -
Peter Parker is Getting a New Job as a Teacher?

What Do You Think is the Best Job for Him?
Below Are Some of His Previous Working Experiences.
A Teacher at his Old High School (21)


A Photographer at the Daily Bugle (39)


A Lab Assistant at ESU (12)


A Research Scientist (34)


It Doesn't Matter, But He Should Freelance as a Photographer on the Side (43)


I Don't Care (9)


Total Votes: 158


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Spider Space Poll
How Much of a Spider-Man Fan Are You?

Check all that apply

Do You...

Read Spider-Man Comics? (135) 13%
Every Month? (76) 7%
Buy Back Issues? (83) 8%
Watch the Spider-Man Cartoons? (134) 13%
Buy the Spider-Man Toys? (101) 10%
Play with Them? (77) 7%
Own Spider-Man Posters? (90) 9%
Wear Spidey Clothing? (80) 8%
Download Spider-Man Pictures? (124) 12%
Play the Video Games? (140) 13%

Total Votes: 1040


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Should Aunt May Learn That Peter Parker is Spider-Man?

Total Voters: 40

Yes, It's About Time She Noticed! 19 (47.5%)
No, She Should Never Find Out! 11 (27.5%)
I Don't Care if She Knows or Not. 1 (2.5%)
It All Depends On The Quality of The Story. 9 (22.5%)

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Now that the Spider-Man movie trailers and advertisements have debuted, please give us your opinions. Check all that apply.

Total Voters: 98

Positive: The Green Goblin's New Costume Rocks! 53 (54.1%)
Positive: Spider-Man looks great! 78 (79.6%)
Positive: The effects are awesome! 69 (70.4%)
Positive: Tobey makes a good Peter. 65 (66.3%)
Positive: It seems like it is actually going to have a great plot! 62 (63.3%)
Positive: Those lab spiders are really cool!! 55 (56.1%)
Negative: There are way too many changes from the comic! 15 (15.3%)
Negative: Green Goblin looks like a robot 33 (33.7%)
Negative: Spidey's Costume has changed too much. 7 (7.1%)
Negative: They seem to be substituting Mary Jane for Gwen in the bridge scene. 20 (20.4%)
Negative: What's with the hairs on Peter's fingers?? 18 (18.4%)
Negative: Genetically Enhanced Super Spiders?? Huh? 14 (14.3%)
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