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After waiting more than a decade for this movie to get off the ground, finally getting to walk into the theater was breathtaking by itself. That said, this movie was nothing short of the Amazing and Spectacular monikers that Spidey himself sports on his monthly comic series. The characters were all extremely well cast. Despite the reservations that were felt when the cast announcements were being made, everone played their roles dead on center. Tobey Maguire was a believable Peter, and his reactions to his sudden new abilities seemed appropriately realistic and humorous. Willem Defoe was cold and calculating in his role as Norman Osborn and his insane alter-ego the Green Goblin. He definitely captured the essence of Norman's dark side, and really handled the Jekyll and Hyde aspects of the dual personality wonderfully. Kirsten Dunst lent the much needed emotions to Mary Jane Watson's often fluffed over character. She was perfectly written as the fragile girl who hides behind the carefree party girl persona. This was how her character was meant to be. Uncle Ben and Aunt May are well portrayed as the loving family we expected them to be and J.K. Simmons' J. Jonah Jameson was the curmudgeon skinflint we all love to hate…and laugh at.

Enough about the cast, now let's talk action. The special effects are, of course, top notch. As you would expect in a movie of this caliber. They are breathtaking and at the same time believable enough that you wish you were the one webslinging across the Manhattan skyline. The fight scenes will leave you saying, "How'd the do that?", and there are plenty of them. Enough to make even die hard action flick buffs happy. The final fight scene is non-stop edge of your seat thrills and chills as Spidey and the Goblin duke it out atop the Brooklyn Bridge, in a classic re-creation of Amazing Spider-Man #121.

Of course it's not all fighting and action, this movie has a good plot and enough of a love story to make it a popular date movie as well. Yuck. There were changes from the comics, as there always are when Hollywoods gets hold of any book or story, but they really didn't detract from the movie at all. The largest complaints are about the lack of a Gwen Stacy character and the fact that Peter has Organic Webshooters. While these changes were not exactly necessary, they are feasible, as Gwen has been dead in the comics for close to 30 years now, and a die-hard Spider-Man fan would have to be crazy to pass this movie up over undesirable webshooter designs. Of course, there all lots of little things us long time readers could pick out, but that's just part of the fun. All said, the changes were not enough to keep me from giving this movie a perfect 5 star rating. Go see it, and I know we are all waiting for the DVD.

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