Sandman Profile

NAME: William Baker

ALIAS: Flint Marko

POWERS AND APPEARANCE: As Sandman, William's body can take any form imaginable and can turn from loose, granular sand to rock hard stone. He frequently forms hammer like bludgeons or envelops his enemies in his in an attempt to crush them in his vise like grip, or even to drown them in a sea of sand.

VULNERABILITIES: Sandman is not the sharpest tool in the shed and is often used by other criminals.

ORIGIN AND HISTORY: After escaping from Island Prison, William Baker (then using the alias of Flint Marko) hid from the FBI on a deserted beach that was scheduled for atomic bomb testing. He was still on the beach when the bomb detonated. Instead of being vaporized he was molecularly fused with the sand on the beach, gaining superhuman strength and the ability to manipulate the shape and density of his now sandy body. He used these powers to further his life of crime, but has been defeated in some very embarrassing ways. He has been disintegrated, turned to concrete and even vacuumed. Perhaps this is why he eventually gave up his nefarious past to join Silver Sable's Wild Pack and eventually even became a reserve Avenger.

Recently, he was brainwashed back into a criminal career by his old ally, The Wizard. Only time will tell which side of the law he will be on when he next crosses Spider-Man's path.

Amazing Spider-Man #4 (First Sandman)
Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1 (First Sinister Six)
Marvel Team-Up #1 (Real Name Revealed)
Amazing Spider-Man #303 (Joins the Wild Pack)
Amazing Spider-Man #348 (Leads Avengers) Amazing Spider-Man (Vol.2) #4 (Returns to Crime)

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