Sin-Eater Profile

NAME: Stan Carter

APPEARANCE: The Sin-Eater wears a purple jumpsuit with green gloves, boots and a green facemask. He sometimes wears a purple utility belt to hold additional ammo for the double barreled shotgun that he employs as his main weapon.

POWERS: Aside from being an excellent hand to hand combatant, The Sin-Eater has few powers of any kind.

VULNERABILITIES: Due to the lack of super powers Stan Carter is just as susceptible to injury as a normal man. His biggest vulnerability is his insane mind which is locked in a constant battle between his duel identities. However, this is the same reason the Sin-Eater is so hard to stop.

HISTORY: Stan Carter was an superb police officer who became unhinged and set out on a mission to kill public figures who he felt were adding to the downfall of society. As the Sin-Eater he first killed Captain Jean DeWolff, his lover. Amazingly Stan Carter himself was asigned to bring her killer to justice. As the police became increasingly unable to stop the Sin-Eater, both Spider-Man and Daredevil became involved in his capture. Before he was caught the Sin-Eater managed to kill a minister and a judge, after deeming them both corrupt. At one point in the manhunt Spider-Man was able to catch up with the Sin-Eater, whereupon the Sin-Eater fired his shotgun at Spidey. As Spider-Man jumped out of the way the bullet that was meant for him killed a man in the crowded streets around the fight. This is something that Spider-Man still feels guilty about to this day. When he finally managed to stop the Sin-Eater whom by this time had been discovered as Stan Carter, he was so enraged that he beat Sin-Eater to within an inch of his life. It took the actions of the Daredevil to stop Spider-Man from going further than that. It was later revealed that this beating crippled Stan. After being released from the Mental Institution a supposedly healed man, Stan Carter's pysche was so tortured by his criminal alter-ego that he eventually goaded the police into killing him by threatening a child with a shotgun that was, unbeknowst to the cops, unloaded.

The Spectacular Spider-Man #107 (First Sin-Eater, Death of Jean DeWolff)
The Spectacular Spider-Man #108 (Sin-Eater Fires Into Crowd)
The Spectacular Spider-Man #109 (Sin-Eater Revealed to be Stan Carter)
The Spectacular Spider-Man #110 (Sin-Eater Captured)
The Spectacular Spider-Man #134 (Sin-Eater Released, Revealed to be Crippled in Last Fight)
The Spectacular Spider-Man #135 (Stan Carter Saves Spidey)
The Spectacular Spider-Man #136 (Death of The Sin-Eater)

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