Spot Villain Profile

REAL NAME: Dr. Jonathan Ohnn

APPEARANCE: Average build and height. His body is white and is covered with round, black spots. He has a spot over each eye. He also posseses the ability to pull all of the spots together in one area of his body, so as to hid them, and look like a man again, but he rarely does so. Without his spots, Jonathan Ohnn looks like your average scientist type, complete with glasses.

POWERS:The spots covering Jonathan Ohnn's body defy all laws of physics. He can remove them from his body, suspend them in mid-air or on any surface, and gravity has no effect on them.
He can step into one of his spots (which are actually extra-dimensional portals) and instantaneously step out of any other, no matter how far away it is located. He can throw punches into one spot and out of another, allowing him to pummel an opponent without his body ever getting close to his enemy. He is not very strong, but depends upon the barrage of attacks from afar to stun and disable opponents. Only the white parts of The Spot's body are vulnerable to attack. If anything comes into contact with a portal, it merely appears on the other side, allowing fists, feet, bullets, etc, to bypass Spot's body.

ORIGIN & HISTORY:Jonathan Ohhn was a scientist employed by the Kingpin to attempt to duplicate the powers of Cloak and Dagger. While attempting to recreate Cloak's dark dimension, he discovered a light dimension that was dotted with spot-like zones of darkness. Upon emerging from the dimension he found that his body was now equally spotted. After hours of study he learned to manipulate the spots. He then decided to conceal his discovery from the Kingpin and embark on his not-so-successful life in crime.

Spectacular Spider-Man #98 (Origin)
Spectacular Spider-Man #99-100(vs Spidey)
Spectacular Spider-Man #245 (Joins The Legion of Losers)

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