Vulture Profile

NAME: Adrian Toomes

APPEARANCE: Adrian Toomes is a normal looking elderly man. He is very bald with only the occasional trace of white hair. As the vulture he wears a green pin-striped body suit with a feather-winged flight harness attached. His costume also has a whited fur collar similar to the band around a vultures neck.

POWERS: The vulture has superhuman strength enabling him to lift around 700 pounds, but relies mainly on his electro-magnetically powered flight suit. It enhances his strength and gives him the ability to fly at speeds near 100 MPH He is highly agile and maneuverable in flight and his suit allows him to carry large amounts of weight. He is also capable of creating massive wind bursts with his wings.

VULNERABILITIES: His age, though his greatest limitation is his dependence on his suit. It being damaged is often the means to his defeat.

ORIGIN AND HISTORY: Toomes was the co-owner of an electronics firm building a prototype flight harness. Upon discovering that his partner, Gregory Bestman, was cheating him, toomes attacked him and soon realized that exposure to the suits experimental power source had given him enhanced strength. After being fired by his crooked partner, Toomes stole the suit and used it to destroy Bestman's business before embarking on a life of crime.

Adrian stole a prototype rejuvenator in an attempt to cure the cancer that the flight suit had given him, Toomes was able to reverse his aging process and become young again. At that time he adapted and armored version of his flight suit with razor sharp wings. After being re-aged in a fight with D.K. Toomes returned to his original costume.

Amazing Spider-Man #2 (First Vulture)
Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1 (First Sinister Six)
Web of Spider-Man #3 (Attack the Vulturians)
Amazing Spider-Man #386-388 (Lifetheft - Becomes young again)
Sensational Spider-Man #18 (Re-aged by D.K)

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