Vulturians Villain Profile

REAL NAMES: Honcho, Gripes, Sugar-Face, Pigeon

APPEARANCE: The Vulturians have the same basic look as The Vulture. They wear red-orange costumes with white wings. Their gloves and visors are yellow, as are the vees on their chests. For weapons they use blow guns and poison darts (made from a curare derivative.) Out of their costumes, they have few distinguishing features. Pigeon speaks with a stutter and his hair is red. Honcho's is white, Gripes' is yellow and sugar-face's has brown hair.

POWERS: The Vulturians have no super-powers, all of their abilities come their costumes. They are also lacking in mental prowess. In costume they have the ability to fly, and increased speed and maneuverability.

ORIGIN: All four members met in prison after being caught by Spider-Man. Under the guise of stealing parts, so that his cellmate Adrian Toomes could rebuild his Vulture costume, Honcho was able to gain knowledge on how to build a flight suit of his own. After an early release from jail, they quickly set to work on their costumes and became the Vulturians.

HISTORY: Spider-Man met up with the Vulturians on three occasions. During their first entanglement, he was able to defeat all of them even though he was battling the Alien Symbiote at the time. The second meeting did not go as well for Peter, because of the addition of the Vulturian's deadly blow-guns. Luckily his enhanced metabolism was able to burn off the poison. In their final battle, the enraged Vulture made the scene and gave the unskilled bearers of his designs a sound beating. After the Vulture escaped, Spider-Man turned the Vulturians over to the police.

Web of Spider-Man #1 (Origin)
Web of Spider-Man #2
Web of Spider-Man #3(Vulture)

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