Alien Symbiote Profile

APPEARANCE: When the the Alien costume is not attached to anyone, it has the look of a normal costume. It does, however, have the ability to form any shape it wants to. It has large white "eyes", a white spider on it's front and back, and white spots on the back of the hands.

POWERS: The costume has the ability to to change color and appearance to resemble many things, such as clothing or skin. Also, it can shoot webs without the aid of web shooters. Spider-Man's spider sense does not detect it. It can control the wearer.

VULNERABILITIES: The symbiote's main weakness is sound. Sonic blasts and very loud noises send it into a state of severe shock and can be used to drive it off a host. The costume is also vulnerable to fire.

ORIGIN: While on the beyonder's planet during the Secret Wars, Spider-Man's costume took quite a beating. Using what he thought was a costume making machine, spidey released the alien. It then attached itself to Spider-Man, leaving him to think his costume making was a success. Although he realized that his costume had a few new abilities, it was a while before he noticed that it was acting really strange. Upon consulting Reed Richards, he was shocked to learn that his costume was actually a living creature trying to permanently attach itself to his body. Richards blasted it off with a sonic gun and placed it in a containment unit. It escaped in no time flat. Peter was returning to his normal life, while the symbiote was using a tourist to swing across town. It then broke into Pete's apartment and disguised itself as Spider-Man's old red and blue duds. The next morning when Peter put on his costume, he realized what had happened. Peter tried to swing over to the Baxter Building, but was hindered by the costume, and an encounter with the Vulturians. He was finally able to drive it off by swinging to a church tower, where the sonic power of the ringing bell was to much for the symbiote to bear. It then relinquished it's hold on Peter. After which, for an unknown reason, it dragged the half dead Peter out of harms way and disappeared. Later, it was revealed that it went downstairs to the church interior and bonded with Eddie Brock to become Venom. Shortly after this, Peter began to wear the black costume that was sewn for him by the Black Cat.

Secret Wars #8 (First Appearance)
Amazing Spider-Man #256-257 (Revealed to be Alive)
Amazing Spider-Man #258 (Reed Richards Removes it from Petey)
Amazing Spider-Man #261 (Escapes from Baxter Building)
Spectacular Spider-Man #100 (Disguises Itself as the Original Costume)
Web of Spider-Man #1 (Bonds with Spidey Again and is Blasted Off Forever)

Note: The Black Cat gave Peter the non-living version of the black costume in Spectacular Spider-Man #99. He first wore it in Amazing Spider-Man #263.

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